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Friendship: Can Be Earned by Anmol Agarwal

For my friends,

What can I say?

I am glad they chose to stay by my side,

When, to myself,

I wasn’t the most kind.

They have made my conscience,

This, how shall I explain?

When I needed they have been strong,

But never favoured me when wrong.

The true essence of friendship,

By efforts, can it be gained?

To be telling you, …

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Bucket Hat by Anmol Agarwal

I remember seeing you,

Walking on the street;

A bucket hat you had on,

As you passed by the rustling leaves.

Looking at your silhouette,

My heart felt so freed;

Still, I stood watching you,

Just like the unmoving trees.

Could not say hello to you,

Never be a part of your moments of glee;But since the moment I got to know…

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The Train by Reflectsapathy

The train to a past adventure lives back in time.

The memory kept safe within a image, now unleashes flashes of a beautiful day once lived.

The day went so quick, but holds a special place within.

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Well, Well by Anmol Agarwal

Well, well,

On the past, let’s not dwell,

Find something which appeals to you,

It’s time to break out of your shell,

Well, well,

No, don’t ring the bell,

Help won’t ever be on its way, Make your very own den;

Well, well,

If there’s anything you need to tell,

Better say it and not let it die inside, I assure

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Don’t want to shed any tears by Anmol Agarwal

Life can take unexpected turns,

With ups and downs forging the soul.

Oh.. I wish I could just go back five years,

And start again on a different note.

But today the sun shines bright,

Filling up my gloomy heart with its penetrative light.

All the sadness of the past seems to be washing away…

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As Long As I Last by Anmol Agarwal

No one can stop me from achieving success,

If I try my best.

I believe in God,

If my efforts are true then He will see to all the rest.

Beginning a new day with a new spark,

Without thinking about all the failed efforts of the past.

I will relentlessly keep on going forward,

As long as I last.

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Cornfield by Reflectsapathy

Walking in a cornfield will elevate the heartbeat,

While the path plays with your senses and move your feet.

In order to get out safely,

You must continue until the maze is complete.

A metaphor for how life has many twists and turns,

That are not concrete.

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A Time Matched By No Other by Anmol Agarwal

A very happy birthday to you,

My dear.

Another year older, the more you are wiser,

Don’t worry, dreams are about to come true, there’s no place for fear.

May you get everything you desire,

And the dangerous pandemic leaves you unaffected.

Your close ones remain safe, by your side,

And the weight of the test of times is successfully…

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Glitter by Reflectsapathy

All things that glitter are not built the same, but that’s alright.

Some days you will want to give up, but you are no quitter and you are still alive.

Keep your head strong and don’t go bitter, eventually everything aligns.

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Walk on the Same Lane by Anmol Agarwal

From the very beginning,

I had this spark in my mind to bring about a change.

Starting from the boycott of refrigerants and air conditioners,

Till the complete stoppage of all kinds of other pollutants, they had to range.

It was around four years ago, I remember,

When I first presented my idea.

Voices were raised and I was declared …

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