walls by Michael J.


I hope.

Tumbling down,

they’ll have to.

Our tiny world,

growing smaller

every hateful deed,

never punished.

We keep people out,

it’s no longer

a questionof safety.

But cold money.


soulless things,

forged out of bigotryand anger.

Molded into forms of fear.

Builders, retched kind.

Mocked by thy own,

still constructing,


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Positive aspect of 2020 by Jefini Joseph

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Will 2021 Be Better Than 2020? by Olivia Lucie Blake

The million dollar question, will 2021 be better than 2020? I wish I knew the answer. If I could write this and have a crystal ball looking into the future I would. I’d first look at if this stupid virus was gone. Because let’s face it, thats the one thing thats really screwed us over

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Will 2021 Be Better Than 2020?

Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made so You Don’t Have to by Olivia Lucie Blake

When it comes to blogging I have made my fair share of blogging mistakes, but honestly I think we all have. Sometimes I don’t even know if I’d call them mistakes. Because I learnt something from each of them. Let’s rebrand mistakes as ‘lessons learnt’. It sounds alot better.

I’ve posted alot of content this

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Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made so You Don’t Have to

Quote #1 by Anmol Agarwal (1d Reunion)

Ways can split but Destiny can’t!

Anmol Agarwal



Communism by Michael J.

We grew a Red one,

no longer dull green.

A new tree,

with old roots.

It branched out,across the globe.

Bearing bitter fruits,of failure.

The tree terrorized,

other plants.

With tears in our eyes,

we chopped him down.

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Literally Everything by Anmol Agarwal

We were just kids then,

To know what it meant.

I wish I could’ve seen it all along,

But we were too young.

No worries for the future,

Learning new things about our culture.

Trying a hand in all the things around,

Every activity a dare, just for the sake of adventure.

We did everything

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Literally Everything

keep spinning by Michael J.

Earth will tremble,

volcanoes erupt.

Smoke we will still vomit.

The sun will slowly choke

and the moon will do too.

Indigestion from blue earth.

Fauna, flora; surviving,


The birds dare not sing,

Tempo rising, faster living.

Water turns poison goo,

some weep,

others the way keep.

I shall not rest,

will not flee

Endlessly hoping

for change,

one last chance taken.

Michael J.

My Spotify Wrapped 2020

Click on the video below to watch my Spotify Wrapped for this year, that is, 2020!

Spotify Wrapped 2020 (Anmol Agarwal)

Now that you have seen it, let’s talk about it!

1) It begins with On My Way by Alan Walker feat. Sabrina Carpenter, Farruko playing in the background.

My Reaction: I was surprised to see that and yes, happy too! It is a song which I really really admire and for a fact I listened to it just a while ago, but I don’t actually hear it a lot so it was a little bit strange

2) Then it showed that I discovered 117 new artists this year and the song playing in the background was Love Again by New Hope Club.

My Reaction: It was expected. I discovered NHC (New Hope Club) in the later half of the year and listened to a lot of their songs. This song became my favourite from them so I was fine with it.

3) Now it told me that I listened to 79 new genres this year including 63 new ones with Adore You by Harry Styles playing in the background (BG).

My Reaction: I was stunned! I mean if it was to be a Harry Styles song then it should’ve been Watermelon Sugar (as it is my favourite Harry Styles song) but how Adore You? Anyways, let’s proceed.

4) Now we are talking! As I expected and wished so so hard, Two of Us by Louis Tomlinson became my top song of the year with a total of 19 streams.

My Reaction: As one would think, JUST 19! But I would like to specify I use 2 different music platforms for streaming and 4 if you also count YouTube so it could have been much more. And it was not lying when it said that this song helped you get through all of this because I love this song from all my Heart and Soul!

5) With Walls by Louis Tomlinson playing in the BG my top 5 songs of the year were-

a) Two of Us – Louis Tomlinson

b) Walls – Louis Tomlinson

c) Only The Brave – Louis Tomlinson

d) Kill My Mind – Louis Tomlinson

e) Adore You – Harry Styles

My Reaction:

a) It had told me about Two of Us already

b) Yes, I love Walls very very much and it’s special because it defines what Louis really is and it makes me so happy and sad at the same time wherever and whenever I listen to it.

c) This song is a mini wonder! Although Only the Brave is just a 1 min 46 sec track, it becomes 3 min 32 sec for me because I can’t resist listening to it once again on repeat.

d) This song marked the actual comeback of Louis to the music industry because no one was so sure when he will be back after release of Two Of Us. The Indie Rock sound of this track can make anyone have it repeat at full volume in their home for days.

e) The only Non-Louis song in my Top 5! Adore You instantly became one of my favourite songs as soon as it got released. This song made me admire Harry’s versitality even more.

6) The next screen told me to add my Spotify Wrapped in library which I did and the song played in the BG was Habit by Louis Tomlinson.

7) Then it asked me to guess my top artist of the year. As you must have guessed I am a crazy Directioner (One Direction fan) so I went with One Direction, of course. And yes, I was right with Half a Heart being my top song from them.

My Reaction: Ok, so I listened to 1d for 821 min on Spotify, around 1500 min on Gaana and approx. 4000 min on Amazon Music. Sounds good! If you are wondering how it wasn’t Louis Tomlinson on top then let me tell you that 1d has around 100 songs whereas Louis has just 16 till now. And I like every single 1d song so it was to be expected, right?

8) It went on to tell me that I discovered 191 artists on Spotify this year with Only the Brave by Louis Tomlinson playing in the BG. My top 5 artists of the year were-

a) One Direction

b) Louis Tomlinson

c) Niall Horan

d) Liam Payne

e) Harry Styles

My Reaction: All One Direction members after 1d. That’s cool! And that too in the correct order as I might have wished. So all is good, let’s see what else is here.

9) Now Back To You by Selena Gomez started playing in the background and it showed my top artists pictures in different angles in snapshots.

10) With Perfect Now by Louis Tomlinson playing in the BG, it asked me if I will like to share my top artists and songs of this year or not?

My Reaction: Let’s share it!

Written by- Anmol Agarwal

Source (for Video)- Spotify


If We Could Have Another by Anmol Agarwal

The journey we made together

Will stay in our hearts forever

Cause those were the days when we had the best time of our lives

And I don’t know if we could have another

We went on our own paths

Retaining the broken shards

I remember the wonderful moments which made up our souls

But am not yet sure if we

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If We Could Have Another