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Walk on the Same Lane by Anmol Agarwal

From the very beginning,

I had this spark in my mind to bring about a change.

Starting from the boycott of refrigerants and air conditioners,

Till the complete stoppage of all kinds of other pollutants, they had to range.

It was around four years ago, I remember,

When I first presented my idea.

Voices were raised and I was declared …

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Sign Of The Times by Reflectsapathy

There are significant changes happening all around,

But some modifications come with heavy clouds.

These days are filled with so much confusion,

Which is sweeping many away with illusions.

Though, the outlook foretells possible destruction,

There is always a reason for the abrupt conclusion.

Try to embrace the alterations,

As it is the only way …

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Enjoy by Reflectsapathy

The outlook may not be appealing,

but it is something worth experiencing.

Stand tall in your own story

and remember it’s all the smallest moments that add up to legendary.

The repeat of saying the same thing just to make sure it all sticks,

but that’s only if you don’t skip.

No time to be …

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Looking Up by Reflectsapathy

If you are not feeling motivated today, look up at the world around and notice she is displaying her vast beauty for you. Get inspired to make this life more pleasant for yourself and those around you. Don’t worry so much about moments that seem out of control, as everything great needs time to align …

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Can we expect a Part 2? Niall Horan and Anne-Marie’s ‘Our Song’- Details and Speculations)

Niall Horan and Anne-Marie’s long-awaited collaboration, ‘Our Song’, finally released at midnight of May 21, 2021.

The very first time listening it, you could see it becoming a huge radio-hit and it won’t be any surprise if we continue to listen to it while driving for several months to come. The Niallers…

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Light by Reflectsapathy

Live the time

Illuminate the kind

Gratitude the mind

Honor the sign

Trust the ride

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Still by Reflectsapathy


Even when everything is going wrong.


Even when everything is declined.


Even when everything is undesired.


Even when everything is a mission.


Even when everything is not enough.

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Can death be sweet,

like trick or treat,

When your whole-body aches,

even your feet,

There’s nothing to do,

to silence the roar,

You want to let go,

so your body can soar.

The pains just too great,

to stay alive,

I know most, just want to survive,

Just remember that term, quality of life, …

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Anxiety Emails by Bombayficus

I finish 2 weeks tomorrow on my new work chair. Things for me changed overnight due to some unforeseen circumstances.

From being the guy who handled back-end/internal communication and was used to resolving issues behind the scenes to being pushed into the front office to deal with clients and suppliers. 

It’s been 2 weeks, since…

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Anxiety Emails
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These Little Hobbies by Anmol Agarwal

Just to spend some free time

We all find unique ways

These things soon begin to define our personality

And helps us to lead the success race

These little hobbies looks so small

Yet becomes so crucial as we grow up

Our interests might change over the course of time

But their significance can’t be judged

So become a master of …

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These Little Hobbies